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How to restore surface rt to factory settings?


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I would like to restore my surface RT to factory settings can anyone please tell me how?
I searched the web & it said to go to the "general" where the settings are but I don't have a general link. I have looked everywhere & searched the web for other options so I am hoping someone can help me, I thank you in advance & really appreciate the help.
Thank you:)


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Use the Search Dar, type Reset in the Search box. Select "Remove everything and reinstall Windows"

Full navigation:
Swipe from right, Settings, Change PC settings, Update and recovery, Recovery, Remove everything and reinstall Windows.
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I do agree with greyfox7 or you can call microsoft support give them your ser# and they will send you a USB FLASH
DRIVE. I am a X USER of an RT and they sent me a USB FLASH DRIVE FREE!!!! with all the files you need to bring
the RT back to fac settings. they even tell you how to use the flash drive.