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Humorous Pic Shows the Evolution of Tablets; Let the Facepalms Commence!


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Besides being a pretty hilarious representation of the evolution of tablets, the picture above could easily become a philosophical commentary as well. For example, why is it that things turned out the way they did? Is it because the idea was too far ahead of its time when Bill Gates introduced it? Was it because Microsoft simply doesn't have the greatest reputation anymore? Perhaps it has something to do with the "cult of personality" that surrounded Steve Jobs? Perhaps there are even more interesting questions or suppositions regarding this strange phenomenon.

Regardless, it's easy to shake your head in dismay. If you find this picture to be humorous and apropos, find your best "facepalm" graphic and post it in this thread to share in the humor!
That's why it's sad to see these companies talking about this copyright/patent stuff. Everyone with a brain knows none of this stuff is original or patent worthy. They need to revamp the whole system.. it's raising prices and stifling competition and in the end only the lawyers will win :(