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I do have 1 gripe about metro UI



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But even for something that was rushed out the door, they left out pretty much all the important things for businesses.

(1) Any real printing contract that makes sense. Go ahead and do a search for printing code for metro or modern UI. Revs are crying left and right over this. It takes 150+ lines of codes to print out a simple "hello world" text string. If you want to print out any real formatted, professional looking printout, it takes a lot more than 150 line. Mine is over 250 lines, and I see room for improvement.

(2) Autocompletebox with suggestion dropdowns. For real work, people need more than a simple spell checker. Why leave this very important control out? I had to write my own for this, which is completely unacceptable.

(3) No PDF generator. Why? PDF is pretty much the standard file format for sharing in the professional world. Why no PDF generation control or class? Again, I had to write my own. Think of how many coders shied away from metro because of the lack of proper controls.

These may not sound like much, but they pretty much represent must-haves for everything that wants to be productive. The 3 most important functions for productivity are completely left out of metro. You have no idea what a pain it was for me to manually write them out. Why make it so difficult for coders to build proper productivity apps?

Rush or not, someone ought to be hung in MS.