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I lost My Windows 8 OEM product Key. How can I recover ?


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I purchased a Microsoft Surface Win 8 Pro last week and activated my windows 8 online. I tried to upgrade to Win 8.1 as given in the User Guide provided in Microsofts Website. I searched to Upgrade in Windows store and I did not get any application in App store to Upgrade.
After a continuous search in Google I got an application to upgrade to Win 8.1 and I downloaded to my system.

I ran the application to upgrade my win 8 to win 8.1 and it asked to activate windows. By mistake I pressed "yes" and it changed my OEM product key.

Then I restored the surface to factory default setting to recover my OEM product key back but it was failure. The new key is appearing every time.

I contacted microsoft support team to guide me to get the OEM key back but they informed me that "OEM Product keys are pre-injected in the device and they have not any record of this".

Can anybody help me to recover my OEM product Key ?

I will be very thankful to you.


Bing "Windows 8 bios key recovery with RWeverything" it will explain how to use RWeverything to see the oem bios key in your surface, then write it down for future reference........


Yes, that will recover your 'registry product key' but not show you the one in the firmware. for that you need RWeverything. You can install a different version of Windows by putting a PID.TXT file in the root of your install DVD or Flashdrive containing your new product key, that will skip reading the key from the UEFI bios. But the OEM surface key is in the firmware.


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This is "also" a Windows 8 secured boot loader issue. Most manufacturers of PCs have had the serial number of the Windows install tied to the bios but that didn't, at least in the past, stop you from installing another OS or a retail copy of Windows.