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I love Chrome, but it EATS BATTERY LIKE MAD


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I am using Canary, the early release version of Chrome. I have now come to the conclusion that Google and MS are actively at war with each other over this browser crap. In my Book, Canary gobbles battery life at a rate that is frankly shocking. If I leave a browser window open it can consume half of my battery life in just a few hours. Heck, even if I DON'T leave a window open it seems to somehow still eat battery. Is anyone else using Canary and still seeing massive battery consumption?


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Stop all background process that chrome activates and it will eat less battery life. Part of this can be done in advance settings, at the very bottom, and the other part is with turning off the system tray icons. I use Chrome and Firefox, refuse to use the garbage MS has developed. They both eat up more battery life than Edge but they have extensions and sync settings that will take MS a decade to catch up on.


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Typically installing stock Chrome (any derivative) reduces battery life by 25-50% on Windows Mobile Devices....