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i5 4gb did i make a mistake for my game needs


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I just brought home a surface i5 4gb surface pro 4 in order for me to play games like Warcraft 3, Diablio 3, WoW, dragon age maybe the division and play the windows xbox games will i need to upgrade to an 8gb memory or i7 model. Im kinda freaking out because i don't even know if I can exchange it but will anyone be able to tell me if the 4gb model that i have be able to run the games i listed fine ? I don't need amazing graphics I just want them to be able to run without issue

thanks in advance


I can't say specifically, as I play none of those games. But on my SP3 i7, I can play CoD MW2 with relative ease at reasonable settings.
The good news for you is that I believe the i5 you have in the SP4 has better CPU and iGPU performance than my last gen i7. Based, on that, I'd say you might get away with playing some of your less demanding games ok, but The Division will probably not have enough RAM at 4GB (I think minimum is 6GB)


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My gaming rig always had 4gb until recently, for AAA games. Never saw a reason to upgrade.

Best way to work out is just install the games and try.

Where did you buy it from? Almost any reputable shop has a decent return window