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IBM aims to secure bring your own cloud apps


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IBM is launching technology that will secure cloud apps employees use on their own for work purposes.

By Larry Dignan for Between the Lines | September 21, 2015 -- 08:01 GMT (01:01 PDT)

IBM on Tuesday launched technology that's designed to secure cloud apps that employees commonly use on their own.

So-called bring your own app usage has surged in enterprises. Like bring your own device employees are bringing their own cloud storage and collaboration tools among other apps.

Big Blue calls the cloud app security tool Cloud Security Enforcer.

In a nutshell, Cloud Security Enforcer is hosted on IBM's cloud infrastructure and scans corporate networks to find apps being used by employees and finds a more secure way to offer them.

Cloud Security Enforcer detects unauthorized cloud apps, enforces data policies, uses secure connectors and protects against threats.

IBM has built connectors to Box, a key partner, as well as Google Apps, Salesforce and Microsoft Office 365. IBM said it will expand its series of app connectors to other cloud services. The effort rhymes with what a company like Okta provides.

In addition to the connectors, IBM will analyze threats and check security on cloud apps on an ongoing basis. The monitoring is powered by IBM's X-Force threat intelligence network.