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Ideal CPU/Power config for Windows 10 on SP1


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I have an SP1 running Windows 10 that has been a test rig ever since purchasing my SP3 last year. Ive decided to gift it to a relative who has a Surface RT, and would like to know if there are any power management and CPU tweaks i could do on 10 to help the battery last and keep the SP1 cool. my relative will use this for Metro/UWP apps and nothing very intense.

Thanks in Advance!


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I've adjusted max processor utilization to 50% while on battery only, but I haven't been able to quantify whether or not it's worth the speed cost (and there is a some times noticable one). Beyond that, you could tweak simply what's given to you that's sort of obvious via powercfg.cpl... or lowering the display background light, etc.

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