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IE 10 (touch) window copy/paste problem (e.g. Gmail)


I'm having an issue with popup Windows which I suspect maybe some combination of magnification and font. I get empty windows clipboard popup in popup - no copy or paste just empty box. I mainly see it in Gmail new compose, but have seen it in Amazon selections also. Be interested in knowledgeable guidance too. Makes me resort to the mouse. I don't see any discussions of this in the forum or from Googling away. I must have something wrong, anybody know?


That was your first mistake you should have BINGED it! LOL

Seriously though I am not sure as I have not seen that issue on mine. Of course I don't use google at all. But as you said it also happened to Amazon? All the time or sporadic?


Amazon uses pop up windows for different things, so I guess it is sporadic as in inconsistent. Generally touch doesn't work and I have to reach for the mouse when a window pops up. Also Amazon pages regularly incompletely load and freeze. I was just shopping for dog beds and it froze 3 times in an hour. In pop up windows, though, I don't know if selecting from a pop up list ever works. Gmail is different in that the box appears, but cut copy and pass are never there, just an empty box.

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