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I'm Ash and These Are My Favorite Things About My Surface


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Ash here. I own the 256 GB Surface pro 2 and its a great tool!

  • Cloud stuff - I trust Microsoft, Google, Flickr, and Youtube with everything
  • OneNote - i use this for work almost every day
  • GoPro - I'm forever recording HD and having the microSD and a USB3.0 HDD on hand its the easiest way to
  • Google Drive/Docs
  • Screen Mirroring to Samsung TV at home (works better than the microsoft HDMI adapter i bought which doesn't display the screen correctly)
  • - Running EMU/ROM's of games of old using my xbox 360 controller
  • Clouder! (soundcloud) (screen mirror through the TV and sound system)
  • Skype
  • Reading! Movies! Games!
  • Paint.net! Sketchup! Photoshop! Audacity!

Now all i really want is a Pandora app.

So there you are, i think the ~ $2,000 NZD is justified. Everyone i show it loves it