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Wow! I called Best buy yesterday and most stores in my area were getting at least 2 or more of multiple models of Surface Book in my area. When I ordered one from them about 5 hours ago I could pick my model from any of the 8 stores in my reasonably local area. In the period between then (9pm local or mountain time) and now (2:45am), there is only one model of the device left ($2,099 i7-256GB w/dGPU) which can only be found at five of those eight stores. I at least am up for work, there must be a hole bunch of crazy people near here itching to try this device. Bodes well for sales wouldn't you say?
I got very lucky this morning. The Paramus NJ MS Store opened at 9. The folks there said only pre-orders would be handed out and any leftovers could be sold. The unit I wanted, i5 256 w/ GPU, was MIA but a woman who ordered online for store pick up made an error and thought she ordered the SP4. She actually ordered a SB i7 256 w/ GPU so they returned the SB and sold her a SP4. My lucky day. I scooped up the i7.

Now I was a little surprised how limited their stock is. I suppose they learned a lesson from their original Surface launch and did not want to repeat that mistake (Big write-off).

I will report back once I have it up and running.


just picked up a 256GB i5 in the Cincinnati area and they had a couple of the 128GB and 1 i7 256GB in stock and hadnt sold one before me and had been open for 2 hours.


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Well I was standing at the Best Buy door when they opened at 10:00 AM CST and found out they had 4 Surface Books in stock for sale.
A 128GB, two 256GB and a 512GB/16GB i7. The i7 is what I went there for and now have all setup. Like a kid with a new toy.. :)



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My local best buy had like 7 SP4's and 3 books at noon. I was good and didn't buy one. I'm holding out for the i7 sp4 in Nov, watching all the forums tho, looking for bugs, problems, etc so I can plan ahead.


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Anyone know how to get microsoft to tell you if they have any in stock?
I want to get one in store, but they tell me it won't be available in store until December.


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I went to a MS Store today, a busy one. The only one in stock was on display. They said it would be a while. I didn't ask what that meant. ;)
For anybody who's been trying to check availability in store and gets redirected to the central call center and they tell you no MS Stores have any Surface Books, don't believe them. I've had multiple people tell me the Surface Books are all sold out in store. I went to return my SP4 today (after realizing I much prefer more of a laptop) and the store had two of the $1500 versions in stock. Luckily, that's the one I wanted. So far so good...
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