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iPad is going to be defeated... by Android


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Microsoft 2.30%

iPad Market Share Q2 2013: Apple tablet share falls to all-time low | BGR

Android tablet market share crushes Apple in Q2 | BGR

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Android already beat iOS worldwide last year. 70% globally (smartphones).

Android not being "as good as" is a nonsense statement. The product started after iOS and overtook iOS completely. While price is a big factor worldwide, that doesn't explain why in America--where people tend to have more money than smarts and where brand name/appearances matter a lot--Android has taken the lead again. (Do you even have an Android? I have both. Android is better because it allows more freedom.)

Windows is losing the battle either way, though. I just hope Microsoft continues to support the Surface after the product line dies out. :p
It doesn't surprise me a whole lot. I've got an 4S phone and really envy the rest of my families Galaxies. Although when the iPhone came out it was innovated it now seems clunky and neat obsolete. The iPad is just an oversized iPhone. The look and feel of the Android powered units is just more appealing to me.

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Some time in the near future I expect Android to implode on itself. Why you ask? Too many variations, no updates unless you buy a new device and more security holes than a mountain of Swiss cheese. Why little or no enterprise adoption? IT experts know the issues and don't need to take on the load of headaches that come with Android. It may not come next month or next year but its going to happen, just sit back and watch.

IOS isn't perfect but it is safer and has the blessings of enterprise adopters.



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Well then Apple will be broken up faster than you can say ANTITRUST. Maybe they will invest in MS so they can point to them and say look - there is my competition. Sound familiar?


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I give that zero chance of happening. Apple is not Bell and will never have a monopoly.
True, that they are currently not a monopoly.

But then again, it's not as if they never do evil. Recent case-in-point: The ebooks price-fixing settlement.

So, they may not have a monopoly, but they are very influential--and they know that. Hence, the opportunity is there for them to abuse that position.