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Is the Urban Amor Gear Case for the Surface Pro 4 any good?

You are giving me a scare. I just ordered mine today and you are mentioning about screen being cracked. You mentioned about the Sp3 case so may be the SP4 case is better?

I wouldn't worry about it too much. Simply, if it's tight as hell, don't use it. I would have thought it would take a lot of pressure to break the SP4. Didn't want to scare you!


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I had a UAG for my SP3 and loved it so also got one for my SP4.

Haven't used it that much but initial impressions are great. The type cover fits perfectly over the screen and an elastic holder keeps it in place. It is sturdy enough to throw on the front seat of the car or in a bag and still protect the device. My only gripe is that the pull out stand has a lot of free movement in each setting unlike the device stand which stays in place.

The fit is snug but I can't see how it could possibly crack the screen unless you did it while putting it into or taking it out of the case. I usually insert mine into the case from the bottom up so it slides into the top part and then gentle lift each bottom corner over the device. With the cut out for the type cover it means you can move it away from the corner while lifting it over if that makes sense.


What brand of tempered glass are you guys using? I am ordering the SP4 soon.
Incipio case
I see some review on the Armour case and it looks good but I am open to other options. I like the idea of the Incipio case that make use of the SP4 kick stand. Is the Incipio case for the SP4 out yet? I can't find any review or picture of it.
I called the customer service and they said around a month later. It could just be a guess.
Thanks, that's great. Something to put on my ever growing Christmas list!

EDIT: looking at the video of the UAG I am intrigued. Let me know how you get on with, especially with regards to the stand and its stability.