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Is there a way to get information out of Microsoft?

I love this forum, it has helped me with my Surface a lot?

When I got my Surface I opened it up and just started working/playing with it. I bought a Microsoft product and I never seem to hear anything from them. Are they getting feedback about people's experience, can I give them feedback about my experience? Does Microsoft have a website that offers information about the product?


Yesterday it wouldn't let me choose a device. Today it's willing to let me do that, but I don't have the packaging with me to get the SN off of.


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One of the tech websites awhile ago had a story about a Surface survey for Microsoft. I already participated and it took about 20 minutes. It was basic questions about my experience with the RT. I cannot remember where I saw this. I am sure someone on the forum has a link. Hopefully our feedback will help make the Surface better and keep the product going for years to come.