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Issues since Fall Creators update 1709


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So I have various issues with my surface since the latest big update... What I'm wondering is if a full reset/fresh installation of windows would help with any of these? In my mind installing update over update over update will eventually cause errors (I have the SP4 since 1 1/2 years) and a fresh install would help? I don't know :D

My issues are things like this:
- Since 1709 I had ~3 full freezes where I had to hard-reset the tablet, no bluescreen just not reacting to anything anymore (cannot recall that ever happened before)
- Touch input, especially with the on screen keyboard is laggy/slow
- Multi touch / Pen input sometimes just doesn't work! Only restart resolves issue...

I have the most recent update KB4054517 installed and also the driver updates from a few days ago. I also ran sfc /scannow which didn't find any issues. Any ideas?

While I'm at it: MS, can you please, for the love of God, make a Brightness slider in quick settings? How hard can that be!?
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Just wanted to let you guys know, almost all my issues were fixed by setting the "battery slider" thing they introduced a while a go, max performance. When I lower it, especially to the recommended position, everything becomes unresponsive and buggy. Maybe it's because I only have the m3 model and the chips downclock too much?
Anyway just keeping that slider up solves the issues, and I really don't see any change in battery life, at least the way I use it.


I posted a note along these lines as well regarding the KB4054517 update. I noticed that scrolling through Excel 2010 pages was impossible after installing that update. I uninstalled the update and Excel worked fine. Reinstalled the update and again no scrolling. Uninstalled a second time and problem went away. That's enough to convince me it's the update.


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How to fix the horrible touch keyboard in 1709 (replace it with the keyboard app from 1703):

The "new" keyboard design is definately worse than before... So, just to let you guys know I used the method described here to restore the old keyboard, and it worked perfectly.

Some instructions on how to replace the "ink" folder under "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink" (assuming you already deleted your windows.old like me):

- Download a windows 10 1703 ISO (Download windows 1703)

- Open the ISO and extract the file \sources\install.wim (it's the biggest file in the folder) and open it with something like 7zip. Enter it and look for the "ink" folder (almost same path as on your machine).

- Once you have extracted the "ink" folder move it to C:\

- Now reboot your device into recovery command prompt. Settings\update and security\recovery --> advanced startup --> reboot now

- In recovery select "Troubleshoot" then "advanced options" then "command prompt" (If your storage is encrypted you have to look up and enter your encryption code, just google for it)

- Once you have full access to your main drive c:\ in command prompt you're ready to copy the files.

- To actually copy the files type this:

xcopy c:\ink "C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\ink" /e /k

- Choose to overwrite and once it's done type "exit" and then reboot.

That's it. Worked for me on a surface pro 4. You can now also resize the touch keyboard with the method described here:

How to Resize On-Screen Keyboard

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