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Wi-Fi connectivity issue since last (early December 2017) update


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Since I installed the latest firmware/driver update, I believe last week or so, my SP4 has been dropping the internet connection. It remains connected to my router but cannot connect past it; retrying eventually resolves the issue for a few minutes.

Nothing else has changed in my network and none of my other machines are demonstrating the same issue. I've deleted/reconnected to the network, uninstalled/reinstalled the Wi-Fi drivers, rebooted, rebooted the router, etc. Nothing seems to make a difference, and so I'm tempted to think it was the firmware update/driver that caused the issue.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


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The inbuilt wifi on both my S3 and SP3 has been FUBAR ever since I installed 1703 in April 2017 on both and 1709 didn't fix it on either.
I finally disabled it and use this now ...

I try the internal every once in a while to see if they have fixed it but it remains the same. at the time 1703 was installed there wasn't a new driver so the problem was introduced somewhere else in the network stack.

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