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java on surface???..Also 32GB Sandisk microSD for $24.95@Staples this weekend!!


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Staples has a SanDisk class 4 (4MB per sec.) 32GB micro SD card on sale for $24.95 this weekend, and combined with their 15% off bag sale tomorrow, Saturday...it's a killer deal. (orig. $79.95). Bought one today and it's plenty fast and easy to set up as additional storage.Having issues when encountering Java heavy sites like xfinity's....and some flash web video will not play unless opened in a separate window.....what's the deal with Java...it's a must for Many things and I'm not encouraged by the rumblings I'm hearing regarding the surfaces ability to handle it...:yelling:
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Please search the forums as we have discussed Java non-support a couple of times already, in addition, there are also existing threads discussing flash.
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