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Just for grins: Surface Protection Plus


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Once in awhile, I have reason to scan the messages blocked by my Spam collector. Today, I saw one from "Surface Protection Plus." "Oh, yeah," says I, "that sounds interesting," so I recovered it.

Imagine my amusement when the first line of the email said, "Protective Coating For Concrete, Steel and Wood."

Oh, well, ok, . . . . . . . , I guess.



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I mean, my Surface is made of Vapor MG, a liquid metal magnesium compound. So apparently, I'm not covered.

But, those folks who own the Surface Concrete, or the highly-sought-after Surface Steel, or even the eco-friendly Surface Wood, I bet they'd be delighted to hear about a protective coating.

I know, I know. Plenty of those folks are just using Thompson's Weatherseal. And as I always say, 'Hey, if it works, it works!'

But even so, thanks, Russ. You gave a lot of people who don't own a deck sprayer - a big favor today.