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Just returned my SP3 i5...


saw a report today that there may a couple windows installer processes that run when they're not supposed to and that's causing the slowness and overheating. killing the processes has helped. if that's true, the Microsoft should be able to issues a fix.


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I sort of bought my SP3 (i5, 25gGB, 8gb) without weighing everything but I don't use the thing for gaming that much. But what's wild is I have a VM running Windows Server 2012 on my SP3, and I am able to run business intelligence and analytics software with NO problems. I develop those applications. So I was pleasantly surprised. And I have been using the SP3 as my primary machine since I bought it. My iPad and MacBook Pro Retina still get used but seldom - but mostly for games. So I'm pretty happy, save for some of the lousy updates MS has been pushing to our devices.

There is one complaint about gaming that surprises me (and maybe someone can shed some light on this). Some Facebook games, like Dice with Buddies or Bingo Bash, run slow as heck on my SP3. I don't understand why though - they don't seem to be that graphics or processor-intensive, but they run awful. The Android versions of these games run faster under Bluestacks, which is pretty weird. It's not a priority with me, but it just puzzles me.


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Unfortunately Facebook in general runs very poorly on Windows 8.x IE 11 on every device I've tried, I believe it has more to do with the way Facebook uses Flash and its implementation of JScript....


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Tuchas, that's interesting feedback. Thanks for that. I suppose what bothers me from a psychological perspective is paying for a beefed up processor, like an i5, and not being able to get its potential because it's being throttled down. I think it must be something related to gaming specifically. Maybe in a while I will pick up the i3 and just plan on never loading up a game on it. I hope video streaming doesn't cause the same issues.


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Surface Pro 3:

Gaming Computer:


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and so? what is your point? the surface is capable of playing games... MINE does! and others too, just so happens YOUR device was having trouble doesn't make it not possible...


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"Intensely productive, the Surface Pro 3 is also capable of running many of the most popular PC games, including League of Legends, Civilization V, and The Elder Scrolls Online."

So the SP3 isn't capable of running these? :)


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Congratulations on your new purchase and welcome to this forum....... So sorry you're having issues I hope you're able to resolve them.... Disappointed things didn't work out for you and good luck.


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Sorry but I'm a gamer and I play my games just fine albeit older titles but they're working fine for me, also modern combat 5 plays awesome too! What I don't understand is people trying to play ultra games on a TABLET that they wouldn't play even on a medium level laptop!! but expect their ultra games to work perfectly on the SUPER THIN sSP3 and not have trouble...I don't get their reasoning or idea's.. it's post like this that rub me the wrong way...I mean seriously people have to start using your heads here... :rolleyes:

Why on earth are you considering an I5/I7 8GB, machine "Just" a tablet? MS never says it is just a tablet, and no other literature assumes this is just a tablet. It is marketed as the tablet that can replace your PC.

MS touts this as a direct competitor to the MacBook Air and similarly spec'd systems. Make no mistake, this is an ultrabook first and a tablet second.

MS did market this "very" incorrectly as a gaming device.