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Yes. It can handle it. Some may think that "I will save on SSD and get a 64 GB of storage then add an SD for less cost". But, I'm sure you know that the SD card can only read or write at one time - not both at the same time like the SSD which is much faster.


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It's a lot of space. Most never fill a 64G

60Gb of my 64Gb now full


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...Most never fill a 64G
Speak for yourself ;-) I use one my 64G to backup my OneDrive photos folder. I used to use OneDrive as a backup for my photos, but with the changes they made to it in Windows 8.1, I no longer trust it -- much better when it was it's own app and not integrated with the OS. Regardless, it's very easy to fill up the card that way -- it's at about 50G now. The other 64G is up to about 30G for regular, temporary file storage. Though I'd run low on space, even with a 512GB SP2, but haven't come close yet...