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Just wondering:Replacement Surface Pros individually built? Serial Number resemblance


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Hi everyone!

I was just wondering:
Bought a SP 2 256 some weeks ago and needed it to be replaced by microsoft.
Just received my shipping notification of the replacement unit (advanced exchange) and realized that the unit that is on the way has a serial number that resembles the one of the old unit. It is not the exact same number, more like (these are just example numbers):

Original: 032.......12345
Replacement: 007.......12345

So, the last 5 digits of my new unit are the same - that cannot be a coincidence.

Thats why i was wondering if microsoft is building new "individual" replacement units?
Since the serial number of the surface pro is "lasered" into the unit, it has to be either this - or microsoft has some serial free refurbished units laying around, waiting to be "serialized"?
Also the first digits are lower (2 zeros) than the original unit (1 zero)

Has anyone noticed this with their replacement unit?

I am just curious ;)


ps: i am located in germany - so pls excuse my typos and lack of correct grammar.
The numbers in the serial are not random. They represent the date, year, facility, etc. where the unit is assembled. Each company has its own system. I know ho some other companies work, but not MS.
hm, but that would mean that every surface pro 2 (at least the ones that are being built right now) would have the same last 5 digits (...xxxxxxxx34453)...

i know that every company has its own system, no argument here. i was just a little baffled that my first (original) surface pro and the replacement unit have the same 5 digits at the end...my guess was that microsoft actually puts a fresh and individual serial number on the replacement units...

well, that is, however , just a guess ;)