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Keyboard on the Cheap ;-)


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Hey All
Just thought I would give you a heads up on something - if your on the look out for a keyboard and can't quite stretch to the official one at the moment which is certainly my case (Roll on xmas lol) you might like to try this.


I have just got one and after a very simple dumb proof set up it all seems to work very well indeed.
Now I agree with some of the review points that yes its a little slim and flimsy feeling but for a mere 14 GBP I didn't really think it would work let alone work aswell as it does.
Hope this may be of help to some of you ;-)


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Nice. It seems that we are finally getting some third party options. Here is one that makes use of the magnetic connector, although it is Bluetooth, and only a fraction more.


Hopefully this means before too long someone will finally make a $10 plain screen cover using the magnetic dock :)

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