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Language search setting not saved with IE+Google on SP3


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This has been bugging me for some time and I hope someone can solve a little problem I’m experiencing. I’ve come to find that I like using IE Metro for most of my browsing on SP3. My default search engine is Google and I like to search items in both Japanese and English. I’m logged in but Google on IE doesn’t seem to save my language setting. In fact, I can’t even change my default language from Japanese to English. Well, I can change it and it displays search results in English when I press the save button, but the setting is never saved and reverts to Japanese whenever I open a new tab.

This is strictly an IE+Google bug, both Metro and desktop. IE+Bing/Yahoo, or Chrome/Firefox+Google produces no problems and search results show up both in Japanese and English, as desired. Google MUI works as intended as well. And, this bug is found on SP3 only, (I don’t know about other hardware). My desktop Vaio and Dell as well as iPads do not reproduce this bug and display language results as expected with the IE+Google combination.

I thought it might have something to do with my Microsoft account being in Japanese, but again, Bing and Yahoo works just fine. It’s just Google paired with IE. Does anyone have any idea what is causing IE+Google not to remember language settings?


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Welcome to the incompatibility between Google and Microsoft...the two are not playing well together (MS tries but Google tends to throw new roadblocks).