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Lenovo halts sales of small-screen Windows tablets in US due to lack of interest


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I am sorry to agree... I kind of like playing with the Dell Venue Pro 8, but between my SP3 and Nokia Icon I really don't have much use for it any more. My phone serves perfectly for quick reference, and I have gotten spoiled by the extra screen real estate on the Surface.
I am keeping the DVP8 primarily for e-books.


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8" Windows tablets are no fun. ;);)
When it comes to Windows 8.1, I agree -- the OS doesn't scale very well to smaller screens, and there aren't many apps developed for screens that size. If I had need for that size of screen, the iPad Mini would be a better choice...


There's particularly, no interest in their overpriced 8" tablet that doesn't support a stylus that every other 8" tablet has. But they had a full HD display on it, when Windows doesn't handle scaling very well. Poor scaling, high rez screen, small display, and no stylus. That desktop is going to be really hard to use...

My friends who have the DV8Pro love it, love the size, love the form factor. But I have a SP3 :)


I had a DV8Pro and loved it until I got the use of a SP2 for a week. I ended up buying an SP3 and giving the DV8Pro to my son. He makes good use of it.


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Doesn't bode well for a Surface Mini...

There will be definitely be use cases where one is needed. For instance my mum didn't want a Surface 2 because it wouldn't fit in her handbag, so she wants a smaller tablet. Problem is with getting the obvious (iPad Mini) is that she'll have to buy another computer as well, i.e. a proper Windows one. A Mini Pro would suit her perfectly.


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When I travel, I need my full PC, so it must be a Surface Pro for that use case.

But when I'm at home and I head out early in the morning to have breakfast at a restaurant, for example, I definitely can see me using a Surface Mini for that use case. Currently I use my old SP1 for such purposes, but I'd opt for a Surface Mini instead.

I'd be surprised if the Surface Mini isn't forthcoming. Anyway, it appears that Lenovo is still in the small form-factor market:



First of all, everyone seems to miss out on the point that Lenovo tablets were crap hardware, the build quality was atrocious. I have had a Surface Pro, Pro 2, and now a Pro 3, I also have a DV8Pro and love it. When I had the Pro 2, I wondered if having two tablets with (almost) similar form factors was worth it. Now that I have a Pro 3 (which is easier to be productive on than a Pro 2), the roles for the two devices are much better defined for me.


I think kodos is correct - Lenovo discovered there is no US market for a small tablet without an active digitizer. I look forward to what they are going to release to remedy this


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As an owner of the lenovo miix 2, I have to say that it has become my one in all device. It's got one quality that people will find in few other devices. It's screen is bright enough so that in full sunlight with you wearing sun glasses you can still comfortably see the contents on the screen.


Win 8.1 8 inch tabs would be great as long as they have the key elements (apart from good screen and build quality)

The things a Win8 tab needs:

- Expandable storage
- standard USB port
- Video Output (HDMI or displayport - MHL is pretty much a bust)
- Digitiser stylus

A bonus for Win 8.1 8 inch tabs would e the ability to link them to a traditional PC via USB (like you can with Android and iOS (through iTunes admittedly).

I kinda like the idea of a mini tablet that could easily be docked and used as a full PC in a pinch. 8 inch is really to small for productivity tasks but with an external screen plus a k/b mouse combo it could work.

Without the productivity edge so your looking at it from a web browser/media player/touch screen App gaming perspective then competition platforms are more appealing. Win 8.1 8 inch devices need to bring new things to the table, not compete on equal footing.