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Lenovo USB 3.0 Dock


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So I just picked up my S3 a week ago to replace my SPro2...I wasn't sure it would be enough of a machine to do what I needed (I work in IT); but so far have been pleasantly surprised. Without going into too much detail, but biggest reservation I had was if it would support dual monitor output. I know everything MS was saying during it's release was that it would a single monitor with the MS S3 Dock.

Brought it home and the first thing I did was plug it into my Lenovo USB 3.0 Docking Station. In relatively short order I was pleasantly surprised. Dual DVI output to 2 x 23" monitors!!

After using it in this config for a few days, I can honestly say it works fine. Sure the S3 is slower than my SPro2, but I knew that coming into it and the form factor, weight, battery and usb charging were acceptable trade offs for the processor power.

I didn't expect the Lenovo USB 3.0 dock to work...but it did!

I did try the USB SS (power) connection, and while it seemed to provide enough juice to keep the Surface powered on...it wasn't making any progress on the 'charging' (at the time it was at 37% battery for about an hour with moderate use)...so it didn't loose power, but it didn't charge either.

Will have to continue to play with it some more, but so far very happy with the config!!

Anyone looking for a dual monitor solution, looks like a USB 3.0 generic dock would do the trick...the Lenovo works awesome!


Are you saying you have two screens or three screens active in extended desktop mode?

I'd imagine you might be able to get three through use of Displaylink (which is what Lenovo use in their docking stations*).

* not sure if it's used in all of them or not, but at least in my Lenovo USB docking station it did.


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Two external monitors + the S3 monitor all active at the same time in extended desktop mode. Yes, uses Displaylink (had to install the drivers). Decent resolution too, got 1920 x 1080 resolution on both 23” screens (and 1980 x 1280 on the S3 screen)