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Location Provider suddenly stopped working on Surface Pro


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Hey all,

Has anyone seen this before, my Surface Pro no longer recognises it's location. All CP settings are 'on' for allowing location use but still can't locate where it is.

I went as far as installing the sensor diagnostic tool from MS and it shows the Location Provider with NoStatus, could it be a hardware fault?



Please enlighten me on how the SP "senses" its location in the first place. It does not have a gps receiver radio, so, does it triangulate from the cell towers it is near? Also, where is this "Location Provider with NoStatus" located? Thanks for any answers.


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It locates the same way PC's have for years, via your internet connection. Sometimes this happens if the time and date are too far out of sync. Try going into the time and date settings and use manual. Make sure the time and date are correct and then you can enable auto again and see if that helps.


It's also likely using nearby WiFi access points to reference it's location. Companies can build a database of WiFi locations from cell phones with GPSs that "hear" nearby access points and send the current GPS location back. Then when a PC with WiFi sees one of these access points it can pull the approximate location from that database.