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Looking for artists to feature on our site


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Hello everyone,

We are looking for a few artists to feature on our site www.tabletpcmouse.com. We are releasing a new tool for artists called the "artist pad", which is similar to Artdock (hopefully better) as well as a few other hotkey programs.

To highlight that feature, I would like to get a few artists who use Tablet PC Mouse to feature their work on the site, link to their site and get a short sentence or two promo for how TPM works for them. The artwork we feature on the site doesn't need to be made while using the TPM software, but the review of our software must be honest and useful for our customers.

I'm excited to get some great art from great artists (2d and 3d both accepted) if you have any artwork in 4d and we are able to showcase the extra dimension on our website we would also consider those submissions. =) (ahhh pan-dimensional humor, always timeless....)

Tablet PC Mouse