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mDP to DVI-D Adapter Problem


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I want to connect my Surface Pro's mini Display Port to my Dell monitor's DVI-D port, so I purchased the Power Color mini Display Port to DVI-D adapter.

POWERCOLOR Active Mini DisplayPort to Single-Link DVI-D Adapter - Newegg.com

I was confident that it would work due to its good review record. The problem is that as soon as I connect the monitor, the screen on my Surface Pro goes black and flashes every second or so. It repeatedly plays the connecting/disconnecting hardware sound as if it is trying to find the device. I tried all the multi-display settings such as PC screen only, duplicate, extend, and second screen only. The result is always the same. I also tried turning on and off the monitor while it was plugged in, but the flashing occurs no matter if the second monitor is on or not.

Has anyone experienced this problem or have any advice for me?

So I am in the process of returning that adapter. I just purchased this mDP to DVI cable instead after reading good reviews of Monoprice from this forum's users.

For only $7.19 each when QTY 50+ purchased - 3ft 32AWG Mini DisplayPort to DVI Cable - White

I will let you know if it works.

I searched the forum for a few minutes to see if anyone was having similar issues but to no avail. Please let me know if there is a similar conversation going on elsewhere.

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Sorry, can't help you with the adapter you bought but I can say I'm using the Apple mini DP to DVI adapter that I bought for my previous MacBook Air and it's working like a charm with my 24" monitor. Should be easy to find one from a local vendor so you can at least give it a try. Cheers!
I picked up the mDP to dual-link DVI adapter from Monoprice and it works well. No flickering, and awesome output at 2560x1600.
Problem solved. Like you said SPtheALIEN, the Monoprice cable works great. It must have just been a problem with the Powercolor adapter. Thanks!