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Microsoft and Lenovo Poke Fun at Apple's Macbook Air in Latest Video Ad


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Here's the latest video ad from Microsoft. This time, they are showcasing the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro in all of its morphing glory as they compare it to the Apple Macbook Air. Needless to say, the Microsoft 8.1 product is far more versatile than Apple's product, and one could even argue it's better looking too. That's unusual tos ay because Apple usually wins in that department.

What do you think of Microsoft's latest shameless ad?


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I think it’s a fun, light-hearted ad comparing the two rival products, albeit on a superficial level. These ads are not going to sway power-users who care more about performance, but might tip the balance for light and casual users who are more sensitive to aesthetics and form factor, along with pricing, (which I think they should have mentioned if it's indeed less expensive).

By the way, these ads would never fly in Japan where it’s “rude” to promote yourself positively in comparison with your rivals in public. Microsoft’s Japanese SP3 site doesn’t mention comparisons with MBA at all.