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Microsoft Announces the Surface Book 2 - 13" and 15" versions


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They are releasing a 13.5" and 15" Surface Book 2. The 13.5 will start at 1499 with a 7th generation Intel i5 and all the rest will have 8th generation Intel processors. The 15" will start at 2499.


The pre-announcement of the two Surface Book 2's right on the date that the Fall Creators Update is supposed to be available.


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My thought is the same. In order to get a new processor (8th gen) you have to pay at least $2000. It's just not worth it to me.

Indeed, and being in the UK, and the way things are going right now, that'll probably mean £2000 which is ludicrous money. I would really love a surface book with dGPU, but for that kind of money I could probably buy a surface pro and a very powerful gaming laptop.
I sure hope the dGPU is really a Nvidia GPU so games can be played on the unit.

On a side note, with all the facial recognition being taunted by Android and now Apple, I hope MS steps up it's game and makes the camera on the front or back of this new book, a full Windows Hello 3D camera with scanning ability for 3D projects.