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Microsoft Exec Confirms that the Surface Mini Was Real


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Here's a story we didn't quite get to a few days ago, but it's worth sharing in case you missed it. Microsoft's Surface VP Panos Panay actually confirmed that the Surface Mini was a real product that Microsoft developed and did exist.

Rumors of a Surface Mini persisted from 2013 through 2014 when they were finally quashed by Microsoft themselves. It turns out that Microsoft developed the concept but eventually felt there was nothing to differentiate the Mini from the regular Surface so they nixed the project.

Before that though, Microsoft had already developed a fully functional working Surface Mini device that simply never saw mass production. There's one other tidbit of trivia. Panay claimed that the Surface Mini helped Microsoft decided that the Surface Book had to be more than just a new laptop, which is what led to its hybrid design. Here's a quote with more of the details,
Further confirmation that the Surface Mini was real and was produced, comes from Surface VP Panos Panay. The executive told WIRED that before the Surface Mini was axed, he used the tablet every day. Calling it "awesome," he even adds that it was the tablet he was using when he came to the conclusion that the Surface Book had to be more than just a laptop.
What do you folks think? Is a Surface Mini product something that Microsoft should revisit in the future, or were they right to abandon it?

Source: PhoneArena


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I think they should have followed through. At the time of the rumors there were a lot of people wishing it was true.


It would have flopped. The basic problem with any Windows tablet is the GUI - people hate the tiles on top of the lack of apps. I used to be a big defender of the tiles 3 years ago, but no longer. It's just horrible design.