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Microsoft goes public with more details on its Windows 10 rollout plan


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Windows 10 Enterprise and Education will be available starting August 1. Starting July 29, those who want Windows 10 under the first-year-free deal will get the OS in waves.

By Mary Jo Foley for All About Microsoft | July 2, 2015 -- 13:14 GMT (06:14 PDT) |

We know Microsoft will begin rolling out Windows 10 on Wednesday, July 29.

But beyond that statement, the company has shared relatively few details about which versions will hit when; which devices will get it first; and what the follow-through plan is for its coming operating system.

On July 2, via a blog post from Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President of the newly combined Windows and Devices Group, Microsoft shared a few more specifics about how it will deliver Windows 10.

Microsoft is closing in on release-to-manufacturing (RTM) and "soon" will get the RTM build to its OEMs, Myerson said. After that, Microsoft will provide retailers with the RTM build so they can get the OS to individuals with recently purchased Windows 8.1 devices. (The image embedded above in this post is the sticker that will be on devices that have been proactively tested with Windows 10.)

The five million Windows Insiders -- those who have been testing Windows 10 for the past several months -- will get Windows 10 on July 29.

After that, Microsoft will deliver Windows 10 in waves. Those who have "reserved" their copies of Windows 10 will be notified "once our compatibility work confirms you will have a great experience, and Windows 10 has been downloaded on your system," according to Myerson.

If Microsoft determines a user's system is "not yet ready for your upgrade," the company will provide more details, such as contact information to enable users to get more details from app developers and device makers.

"For most upgrade incompatibilities, you may still choose to complete the upgrade, and find alternative compatible solutions in the Windows Store after you upgrade," Myerson said.

Microsoft is reporting it is seeing "full compatibility today with the vast majority of Windows 8x and Windows 7x systems," Myerson said. (Here's a checklist that might help if you're wondering whether your current PC or tablet is Windows 10-ready.)

For those customers who want Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Education, availability will commence on Saturday, August 1. Neither of these versions of Windows 10 are available under the first-year-free promotion; both will be available for download from Microsoft's Volume Licensing Center.

I have asked when MSDN/TechNet and BizSpark users will be able to get Windows 10, but still can't get any clarity on that.