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Microsoft is Acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 billion


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Here's a play from out of left field that comes as a surprise. Microsoft is acquiring LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion USD. Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella believes that LinkedIn is a prefect for Microsoft, and we can see his point. Microsoft has been focusing on the enterprise market more and more lately, and LinkedIn is the dominate social media website for remaining professionally connected.

Microsoft has promised to give LinkedIn the room to keep running independently. They will even keep the company CEO, Jeff Weiner, in place. Furthermore, Microsoft intends to integrate the LinkedIn network into its other services and apps. This includes Office, Skype and Cortana.

This is a brilliant way for Microsoft to push into the social networking industry in a more impactful way than they have been able to previously. The company plans to finish the acquisition before the close of 2016. What do you think?

Check out the video below with Weiner and Nadella discussing the buyout.
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$26 Billion is a lot of coin for any acquisition. It will be interesting to see if it will be a profitable venture for them.


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26 Billion for a company with 3 Billion in Revenue last year and it's NOT profitable with GAAP loss of 46 million, where's the ROI? A lot of smoke and mirrors and the smoke is coming from the funny weed. ;-)


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But now they can say they own a "successful" social network. What are the other options? Google+ is a flop , myspace died, ello isn't helloing anyone. Fb and twitter aren't going to be sold anytime soon. Left only one realistically.


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It has more to do with Yammer and Delve, possible inclusion of Office 365 Bundles and of course integrating Power BI, Cortana Analytics into LinkedIn Premium SKUs....


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I use LinkedIN for business networking and that's about it. I hope they don't pull a google and acquire and then destroy it. I'm sure they have their reasons. Companies don't drop that kind of change if they don't have some plan. Now whether that plan works out or not...


They are yet to justify the Skype purchase and it's been how many years now? Not an expert on these, but my first instinct is to call it a bad decision, at least for that amount of money. LinkedIn is definitely not worth that much.

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