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Microsoft Plans to Offer Over Four Years of Support for Surface RT


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Microsoft is now showing it has a deep commitment to the Surface RT. On their support pages the Redmond crew made it clear they plan to support the new OS and tablet for the next four years. Here's a quote with some additional detail,

According to a newly posted update to the support lifecycle page on its own web site, Microsoft will offer at least four years of official support for Surface tablets with Windows RT. For those that are familiar with how Microsoft normally deals with customer support for plain old Windows, this may seem quite different. But it’s not so surprising when you consider the fact that the Surface tablet itself, along with the pre-installed Windows RT software that comes bundled with it, is different and so it deserves a slightly different treatment than normal.

The information on Microsoft’s web site says that Mainstream Support for the Surface with Windows RT will officially end on April 11th, 2017. And it’s possible that it might be extended. But going with the official specified date, that’s still almost four and a half years of full support, which covers free hardware repairs or replacements and parts for all units that are still under warranty. Free firmware updates will also be rolled out to users of all Surface tablets with Windows RT until then. That includes updates to Office Home and Student 2013 as well.

While it's appreciated (and hardly surprising) to see Microsoft planning such long-range support for the device, with the rapidly changing pace of technology, it makes you wonder if it will even be necessary. In four years we may be reading the daily news off our digitally enhanced Microsoft Surface Windows 9 wall-paper, controlling it with our wet-wired brain implants, all while eating 3D printed tortilla chips...

Source: AndroidAuthority