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Microsoft Reveals New Trackpad Gestures Coming In Windows 10 (Video)


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At TechEnd conference today in Europe, Joe Belfiore demoed the upcoming gesture support for trackpads in Windows 10. “In the past touch pads on Windows have really been done very differently because OEMs do them, With Windows 10 we’re adding support for power users in a touch pad, where multiple finger gestures — which all of you power users learn — can make you really efficient”, said Joe Belfiore. Microsoft is introducing the following gestures in Windows 10,
  • Three finger swipe down will minimize all active Windows
  • Three finger swipe up will bring them back.
  • Users can use three finger swipe up gesture to activate the new Task View feature in Windows 10.
  • In Task view, users can use three finger swipe left and right to activate switching between apps.
Continue Reading @: http://microsoft-news.com/microsoft-reveals-new-trackpad-gestures-coming-in-windows-10/
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One thing that has always used to irk me when switching between Windows and OS X is how fluid the scrolling/gestures are on OS X (since 10.7 anyway) compared to Windows.

I find the SP3 gestures great, smooth, no lag and actually quite useful, so the more the merrier I say!

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