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Microsoft Surface 3 rumored to launch in October


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After launching the Surface Pro 3 last month, it is naturally time for Microsoft to prepare a refresh of its lower-tier line – the Surface. According to sources, a new 10.6-inch Surface model is currently brewing and about to enter production, aimed for launch in October this year. Reportedly, component-production is about to begin in August and volume production will begin in September. Since the Surface 2 was launched in October last year, it is safe to assume that this is the Surface 3 we're talking about.

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Thinner and lighter sounds good, I hope they go with 16:10 screen which would work within the same length and width with smaller bezels. pen support would be fantastic. pack that puppy with the best Arm SoC available, generous portion of ram and a hefty side of storage behind a WQXGA Super AMOLED screen.


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These are rumors from DigiTimes that also reported that the Surface MINI was in full production for an August release.... while this is if it turns out to be correct great news for RT.