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Microsoft Surface mini tablet likely to appear in Q4: analyst


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Taipei, June 25 (CNA) Microsoft Corp. is likely to launch a smaller and less expensive tablet computer in the fourth quarter of this year to counter the popular Apple iPad mini, an analyst with the Topology Research Institute said Tuesday.

The Windows 8-based tablet called the Surface mini is expected to feature a touchscreen in sizes of 7.5 to 8 inches, a low-power Intel Atom microprocessor and to carry a price tag of US$299, Topology analyst Maxwell Chang told CNA during a media briefing on consumer electronics trends.

Microsoft has been in discussion with two or three Taiwanese original design manufacturers to produce the new gadget, but the list has not been finalized, Chang said, citing supply chain sources.

The U.S. software giant also plans to launch the second generation of its Surface Pro tablet, which is expected to use a more powerful Intel Haswell processor, he added.

"Microsoft is likely to aim at taking on the iPad mini because it knows it is hard to compete with Android tablets in terms of price," Chang said.

Taiwan-based Acer Inc. and Asustek Computer Inc. have launched 7-inch tablets costing as little as US$129 to US$149, while Acer and South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. are also set to sell 8-inch models priced at US$249-US$399, Chang noted.

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Tom T

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I kind of wonder if there is a need for arm based windows tablets, unless they incorporate 3g/4g and gps, what with the Atom battery life being pretty much the equal of these Arm based devices. Now I admit the Snapdragon 800 with its graphics potential would get me to seriously consider the next gen RT.