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Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Docking Station for sale (used one time)


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Only used once and then returned in the original box.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 docking station
EAN: 0885370774054
Part number: 3Q9-00002

Product description
Simply click Surface Pro 3 into the dock and your tablet instantly transforms into a full desktop PC. With an Ethernet port, miniDisplayPort and five USB ports (three USB 3.0, two USB 2.0), you can make a small connection to an HD monitor, wired network, audio system, full-size keyboard, mouse, printer and more .

Five USB ports
With five USB ports (three USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0) you can write large files to an external drive, connect a USB printer or headphones, charge multiple accessories and much more.

Ethernet port
When you need the reliability of a wired network connection, the high-speed Ethernet connection provides data transfer at speeds of up to 1 billion bits per second.

Power supply of 48 watts
Quickly charge your Surface's battery while you work, so you can go out with a completely hidden device.

Video output
Expand the view to a larger screen. The mini DisplayPort connection provides high-definition video resolution up to 3840 x 2600 pixels. The Surface Pro 3 Dock allows TVs to connect multiple monitors right out of the box. Your monitors can also be connected in a series, you can connect them to the miniDisplayPort output on the back of the base station.
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