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Microsoft Surface RT Best Tablet Ever, 'Reviewers' Gush

Wow, even when they are trying to look like they are saying positive stuff they can't get away from being negative. Now I don't want people to be fanboys of the Surface any more than they should hate it for no reason but seriously why are balanced reviews so hard to find?

Title: "Reviewers" in quotes to imply so called reviewers, not true professionals such as the author.

Subtitle: "Windows 8 tablet may not be posting big sales numbers" lets just throw out first that this isn't selling well, lest anybody think it might be something to buy.

First sentence: "Forget for a moment that it won't run Windows apps, starts at $200 more than Kindle Fire HD and doesn't have a Facebook app." Nope not negative at all.

Give a couple of quotes from people on Best Buy's site then make sure everybody know they aren't real reviewers: "You can forgive the Best Buy reviewers for their lack of nuance. Of those who critiqued Surface RT, the vast majority had previously never reviewed any other products, and most never had a Best Buy user's profile until last week, when Surface first went on sale at the store (mousing over a reviewer's handle provides this info)." Forget the fact the device is so good people who have never reviewed anything before have been inspired to post a good review.

Go further to show some reviews are marketing agencies: ""Coty 09," whose activity on the Best Buy site dates back as far as Monday, had this to say: "The Surface RT is a great product that is easy to use and is built very well. This will be great for work, school and play." Who talks that way? Marketing people, according to The Consumerist's list of "30 Ways You Can Spot Fake Online Reviews." I think this exact statement has been used several times in this very forum. Why? Because the statement is simple and true.

Discount the sales again and criticize the decision to sell in more locations as desperation: "It was never Microsoft's intention to sell Surface at Best Buy, at least not until after the holidays... But meager sales apparently led to Plan BBY."

More bashing the ability of the Surface to sell and scare people away from it: "Four reviews after almost a week of availability suggests Staples isn't likely to sell out of Surface RT any time soon, but at least those who bought appear to like it." Hmm, I just read a thread here in this forum that both Best Buy and Staples had sold out of their first stock from at least one member searching to buy the Surface.

Finally finish off by scaring people about the limitations of Windows RT and how the PC makers don't think it should be called Windows: "That limited functionality, according to a published report this week, had one Dell exec urging Microsoft to ditch the Windows brand for RT devices, for fear it would confuse customers." Where is your Windows RT tablet that is better than the Surface Dell? Oh and guess what you can do 90% of what Windows can do which is 100% of what most people are going to use it for and 150% more than other tablets can do.

So sick of the FUD. This article makes it sound like it is going to be a good article about people super happy with the Surface and then subconsciously picks it apart at every turn. What a turkey.

That aside, have you guys read the Best Buy reviews? Clearly not written by users but by Microsoft marketing. Tell me this guy "ChicagoGuy1012" is a real user. Yeah right!

"Best designed product I have ever seen

What's great about it: Tablet with lap top like functionality-Ideal gift for sutdents.Quantam leap in technology compared to Ipad and Anroid

What's not so great: Soft sound from speakers. Great sound with headphones.

This is one of the best designed products that I have ever owned. The built in kick stand does not stick out when not in use, and does not make the tablet bulky, but when folded open it makes the tablet much more convenient to use. It can be used anywhere. The type cover adds very little bulk and weight and can be folded all the way behind the tablet when you do not need a keyboard. If you ever need to do serious typing you can instantly flip the keyboard and start using it. When used with the type cover, it has almost all the functionality of a laptop, in a device that is about the same size as a tablet. The type cover also has a small track pad which supports two finger scrolling and other laptop like features. If you need a tablet and do not need the type cover you can get just the tablet for $500. The on screen keyboard is just as good as on any other tablet. You still have the option of plugging in cheap USB keyboard or using a blue-tooth key board.

The modern user interface is very fast and efficient to use. It only takes a few minutes to learn the gestures, but the interface very innovative and forward thinking. The Internet Explorer on the modern interface completely fills the screen with the web page and does not waste valuable screen real estate on borders and menus that you do not need most of the time. When you need the menus they appear with a quick and simple gesture and disappear when you do not need them. The web browser does support flash, but you have to activate this feature. The flash support is limited to a white list of safe sites specified by Microsoft. This is a security feature, since some mal ware is based on flash. Also some flash based ad can waste battery life.

The price of the tablet includes Microsoft Office 2013 which is worth at least $100 by itself. This is something that you can not get any apple or android tablet. If you need Office for school or work, you will find this tablet very useful. For me Office is the Killer app. I was able load a 3' x 6' poster file into power point make changes to it put on in sky drive and finished up on a desk top computer with a larger monitor all without any file format issues. I connected over a dozen USB devices including external drives, keyboards, mice and old ink jet printer. They all worked perfectly. You can also access other computers #and storage devices# in your home work just as well as with any laptop or desk top. The micoSD memory slot lets you expand storage capacity at very low cost. I was able to add another 32G to for about $20. The Apple and Google Nexus tablets do not have this capability. The extra memory can come in handy if you want to record a large amount of video. For example a student can record a full day of lectures using the rear facing camera and transfer the video to an external USB hard drive at the end of the day. The rear camera is angled so that it corrects for the tilt related to kickstand. Since the modern interface allows you to run two applications on screen, you can take notes in One Note, while recording video all on the same screen.

The Windows Market place already has over 10,000 apps in the first month and Windows 8 has sold over 40 million copies in the first month. I expect over 100K apps in a few months.

All Win 8 and Win RT machines have the Xbox music app, which gives you access to a music library bigger than iTunes. There is unlimited fee streaming of any artist for the first six months. After that you get 10 hours of free streaming a month.

The bottom line is that Surface with the cover is about the same size as an ipad or many Android tablets, but comes very close the functionality of an ultra book. The kick stand and key board are available to use in an instant. With the included Office 2013 software and the ability to use hundred of thousands of USB devices as well as access home networks, it has capabilities that are utterly beyond any other tablet.

Even if you do not need any of the additional capabilities, it makes an excellent web browsing device. It can not only handle touch optimized apps, but also excels at handling web sites not designed for tablets, since it can function as a laptop when needed. The price is quite reasonable if you factor in the value of Office 2013 which in included in the price. An iPad with 32G and no expandable storage, no keyboard and no real office software costs the same as a Surface RT with touch cover and Office 2013. I consider it the best value in tablets and represents a giant in leap in hardware and software innovation when compared to the Apple and Android tablets. While the app stores for Apple and Android may have many more apps I find little use for most of the apps. Many of the apps are low quality and redundant. They do not have Microsoft Office and do not have the laptop like capability to handle web apps that the surface has.

Although there are unofficial face book apps, thre is no official face book app yet, but you may never need an official app since face book in integrated into the OS and people hub and messaging tiles are updated from your face book account. If you are face-book power user, you can go to the full desk top web version and do everything you can do on a desktop or laptop with face book. The 10.6 inch screen in landscape mode #using full screen IE on the Modern UI# can handle any web page designed for desktops and laptops since you a track pad included in the type cover. For example, I was able to use the free web app to process photos at photoshop.com.

I would recommend this to a friend!"
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I'd be willing to go out on a limb and say that is a real user. This echos much of what is said by real users in this forum. If it isn't a real user the advertisers are at least going out and cherry picking real comments to add into their review. Some of the things in there I would not want written if I was MS paying for reviews (you'd get ones more like the Oprah tweet or the WP commercials or the Jessica Alba statement, i.e. very controlled).
that's a problem with cusumer written reviews, without vetting them, it's in a companies best interest to hit the major retailers pages and write phony reviews. Like I've said in the past I truly believe the surface is the best tablet out. Only current downside is lack of apps. They'll come.
If you look through all of the reviews you'll see that most of these reviewers have been active for a long time, being rewards members/business customers, I few may be marketing but I doubt most are in marketing departments. Just about everyone who has used a Surface has been impressed with it...
I wrote one of the reviews on the BB site ("DrWMJ" from Philadelphia). I am a real person, not a MS employee, and I stand by my statements.
That article was obviously written by an Apple fan LOL.

I have yet to post a Surface review at BB, but after reading that crappy, biased article I'm going to go do so now.