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Microsoft Surface RT Video-Transfer, Movie-Playback Solutions (Guides, Tools, Apps)


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Windows 8 Tablet Video Solutions (Suface RT)

-- Convert, Transfer, and Play MKV, WMV, AVI, DVD, Blu-ray on Microsoft Surface RT

If you have any problems when enjoying any videos on Microsoft Surface, especially the Windows RT gadget, you can go to the Pavtube - Microsoft Surface Video Speicals to get solutions or contact with [email protected] / [email protected] to get more information. Of course, you also can leave a message on Pavtube Community.

Solutions for watching movies on Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft Surface RT Video Transfer - If you have no idea about Surface file transfer, you can check out the post The Ways Transferring Files to Your Surface to learn more.

Video Converter for Microsoft Surface RT

The Surface RT lacks a powerful video playback solution. MKV and many other video formats are not supported by the default Video Player. Pavtube Video Converter helps you encode any videos to Surface RT playable MP4 videos.





MKV to Microsoft Surface RT
AVI to Microsoft Surface RT
TiVo to Microsoft Surface RT
MPG to Microsoft Surface RT
VOB to Microsoft Surface RT

DVD Ripper for Microsoft Surface RT

Pavtube DVD Ripper makes it possible to play DVD movies on Microsoft Surface RT tablet, by cracking CSS+ and converting 480p/576p DVDs into 720p MP4, it's easy to put DVD movies onto Surface RT for playback.





Download and Play DVD on Microsoft Surface RT tablet in 16:9 full screen
Play DVD movies, ISO, IFO files on Windows Surface RT or Pro tablet


DRM removal for Microsoft Surface RT

Because of DRM protection, movies purchased from iTunes, Amazon, and many other online video stores will not play on Microsoft Surface RT. This app converts DRM-restricted movies and TV shows into free MP4s that fits in the 16:9 screen of Surface RT.





Convert iTunes movies and TV shows to Microsoft Surface RT
Convert Amazon Instant Video to Microsoft Surface RT
Convert Digital Copies to Microsoft Surface RT

Blu-ray Ripper for Microsoft Surface RT

HD movie lovers will find Blu-ray Ripper a better deal than DVD Ripper. With $4.2 more, the app includes both DVD and Blu-ray ripping facility that enables you rip movies off discs to Microsoft Surface RT tablet.


Ripping Blu-ray 1080p movies into Microsoft Surface RT optimized HD video in 16:9