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Microsoft Surface vs Google Nexus7


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Now that Google has unveiled the Nexus7, do you think that will have any impact on the Surface? I wonder if that will change Microsofts pricing strategy. $199 for the Nexus7 is going to be hard to match or beat!

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Nope, no more impact than any other lower price Google tablet. The price of this shouldn't have any bearing on the price of a premium tablet. That is sort of like saying the price of a 25 cent gumball from a machine should influence the price of a regular pack of gum.

Sure it has some decent specs for the price but it is small and seems more directly targeted at Nook and Fire than anything else (including specific OS tweaks). Don't see how this will impact Surface other and offering a small low budget tablet for people only interested in that type of device. B&N and Amazon certainly have something to consider though.


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Its marketed as a low price tab, but I'm sure they've already had more preorders for the N7 than Surface's will get. Not taking anything away from the Surface of course, but they are on 2 different playing fields.


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They are totally on different levels of the market IMO. But for sure because of the price, I see the N7 selling a lot more.


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Agreed; This is more to help wipe out the slew of shoddy Android tablets, as well as compete head on with the Fire and the Nook.


Nexus 7 looks like a pretty sweet deal, this kind of destroys the kindle fire and the 7" tablets that Samsung has released.

But.....it is not Windows. As It was already stated the Surface is aimed at a different market. As long as Microsoft can deliver a real premium product I will be willing to play a premium price.