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Microsoft Surprises With Possibly the Best Super Bowl Commercial of the Bunch in 2014


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This story is slightly off-topic because it doesn't directly relate to this site, but it's news from Microsoft that is definitely worth checking out, so we thought we would share it. The Super Bowl just wrapped up yesterday, and regardless of how you felt about the outcome of the game, one thing is easy for all of us to agree on, and that is that advertisers had a field day with some amazing and creative commercials for this year's American Football Main Event.

There were quite a few impressive commercials, and even a few stinkers, but it could easily be argued that the best of the bunch didn't attempt to wow us with big explosions, or assault or senses with craziness to make us laugh. It turns out that Microsoft really made a thrilling "touchdown" with their Super Bowl ad. This ad is superb at "tugging at your heart-strings." Also, not only was it heart-warming to watch, it actually talked about technology that is impacting and improving people's lives. It's great to see just how far things have progressed and are progressing. Kudos Microsoft!

If you didn't get a chance to see it, here it is included above. Enjoy!


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Glad you liked it -- I found it bland and forgettable, especially when compared to other top ads that aired during the SuperBowl...

Microsoft doesn't have a great track record when it comes to video advertising, Surface or otherwise :-(


I liked the Seth Rogan/Paul Rudd commercial for Samsung... and the Joe Montana miracle stain... oh and hell, the old foggies in the Taco Bell commercial had me rolling.. Wait, did Microsoft actually have a commercial on the Superbowl?!? Don't remember. Meh.


a very touching commercial. Not arrogant, or condescending. A simple message on what microsoft to trying to do to help humanity. I get it and I like it. Like!