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Microsoft Takes Security to New Level with Windows 8.1; Fingerprint Reader on Folders


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If there was ever any doubt in the ability of Microsoft's amazing team at Redmond to innovate, that doubt will be shattered with this cool new announcement. Windows 8.1 will be coming with an awesome new feature that is an additional enhancements of its built-in fingerprint reader. You will be able to secure individual folders with just the touch of your finger. Here's a quote with some additional detail,

Whereas previous versions of Windows have supported fingerprint readers through third-party drivers and software, Microsoft will improve its native support of them in Windows 8.1 and include options to lock down individual folders to fingers.

Swiping or touching a finger on a reader will allow Windows 8.1 to authenticate a finger against a Microsoft Account. Users will also be able to purchase applications using a fingerprint reader or login to apps. Michael Niehaus, a senior product marketing manager at Microsoft, says the company is "working very closely" with two to three manufacturers to build the support in. Perhaps the most interesting change is the folder support for fingerprints. "We're also working with this so that you can actually take folders and say this folder requires fingerprint access to get into, so different levels that we're looking at," explained Niehaus during a Tech-Ed session on Monday.

It's amazing to see how things keep evolving. Share your thoughts.

Source: TheVerge

Arizona Willie

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Only problem is, none of my computers have a finger print reader :(

I bet, though, there is probably a USB fingerprint reader out there.

Surely, Microsoft wouldn't happen to sell those.


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Well although this is a nice feature for the tiny fraction of us with fingerprint readers I wouldn't say it shatters my doubts about Microsoft's ability to innovate. More of a why did it take them so long reaction. Anyway, cool.

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