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Microsoft's New Surface Tablets May Use Their New Magnetic Power Connector


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Just last week, Microsoft sent a new patent proposal over to the U.S. Patent office. This new patent was for a power port that connects magnetically to the side of the device. This is very similar (but still has some distinguishing characteristics) to Apple's MagSafe-style connector on their Macbook Air laptops. Interestingly, some eagle-eyed editors over at Engadget seem to have noticed that on the side of the new Microsoft tablet, "The Surface," you can see a connector just like the one MS is trying to patent. Interesting! It looks as if Microsoft is trying to throw every high-tech advancement they can think of at their new iPad competitor. What do you guys think?

Source: Engadget
Hopefully you won't have to fumble around if a connector is involved. It makes sense though. It would be an easy way to power the keyboard.
The magnet is a great idea, it actually helps pull the connector in just right.
Ahh, looks like there is a lawsuit from Apple from their Mag-Safe connector....

Shocker...can't imagine Apple would behave in such a fashion...I thought they were too busy being cutting edge and innovative to have lawyers spend time/money chasing after patent infringements...
Ahh, looks like there is a lawsuit from Apple from their Mag-Safe connector....

Hopefully it will be different enough they won't sue. I believe Apple and MS have a don't sue agreement anyway so more than likely it will fall under that/be licensed if there is an issue. One thing I noticed is that the connectors seem to be on two sides which means portrait and landscape options for charging and docks! Nobody else has this ability. :)