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Mouse Sensitivities


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I just finished setting up my Surface Pro 3 with the new docking station (which works awesome!) and I'm noticing that when I go to use my external mouse, the pointer acceleration is much higher than desired (previously set to my desired setting for the touchpad on the type cover) so when I attempt to fix it in the Logitech software (it's a Logitech M570 mouse) it sets the Windows mouse sensitivity to default which almost unusable when I go back to use the type cover when undocked. Just curious if somebody found a work around for having different settings for different mice?

FWIW I need to have the setting on touchpad type cover up one notch past center and with precision pointer turned on.
I don't use mouse acceleration, but your mouse software should allow you to change the sensitivity or DPI to an appropriate level.
Thank you for your response Liam. I am able to set the sensitivity settings for the mouse within the Logitech software the only trouble is that it sets my touch cover touchpad back to the default setting.
I also have this issue but what I do is change the sensitivity from the control panel for the touchpad. This will also change the sensitive for my Logitech mouse and it only resets my touchpad settings when I restart.