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MS Surface Pro5 Toshiba SSD Speed


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I just purchased Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Core i5 2.60GHz 8GB Ram 256GB SSD Windows 10 PRO, this was used from Ebay from a seller who sells lots of refurbished laptops/Surface Pro etc, The general condition is very good for its age, getting around 4-5 hours watching movies and performance feels fast for basic web browsing using Chrome and watching movies/Streaming TV etc, the main reason I bought the Pro 5 as I travel abit woith work.

On the forum where I saw the deal for the Pro 5, people are running CrystalDiskMark to check the SSD performance when they get them, they are getting averages of 1500MB/s Read and 300MB/s Write on mainly Samsung SSD Drives, I just ran the CrystalDiskMark and I get around 650MB/s Read and 230MB/s Write, I have looked on a few forums and they have said the issue is around the Toshiba Drive and the NVMe drivers, some people on the forum are saying it could be a failing drive. As I said, I paid a good price and I am happy with the performance from what I have used so far, I copied over aload of movies and TV programmes and was getting around 150MB/s from the USB write to Drive C.

I have 30 days to return for a refund, has anyone had a Pro 5 with the Toshiba SSD with these speeds? I am just concerned if it is a failing drive it could die in a few months and I will struggle to return it, so its send back now or keep it!

Crystal results:

Thanks for any advice.

Tom Gullette

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I have the same SP5Pro with that SSD and my Crystal Mark numbers are similar so I think you are OK. IT just not a fast SSD unfortunately. That said my was purchased new and is still going strong 5 years on.
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Thanks for the reply Tom, at least I know there is no underlying fault as such, so I am happy to keep the SP5 PRO, for its age it is in very good condition, so I am happy with it, the performance is good, it was just the SSD test that gave the slower results compared to other people with the Samsung SSD, but using the SP5 PRO does not really show a slow down for me, I copied on some big movie files and was getting a write speed of 150 MB/s, which I think is pretty good.

It is abit naughty of Microsoft to have shipped the SP5 PRO with 2 different SSD's with such a large difference in performance.