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MS Wireless Adapter not working on Some Displays

Just want to check before I return it that I am not missing something. I have the MS Wireless Display Adaptor. I power it up, connect it to different TV/Monitors and when it first powers up I see a display of Microsoft.... I can connect to it, and display content.

I am having the following general issues;

1) As most of the WiFi need SSID and Passwords, I want to use Bluetooth only, but can not seem to find that on any settings.
2) Not all HDMI monitors seem to work. In Particular the Cisco IX and DX video conference systems do not work (or no initial display is shown). I can use a DP to HDMI adaptor and use the Surface Book ports, but the Wireless display Adaptor shows black screen on the monitor (so the monitors are detecting signal and offer to display it), but no image. The Surface see the Wireless Display Adaptor and will connect, but no picture, just black screen.

Does not seem to be ANY real trouble shooting ability with this.

If the above is just the way it is, does someone have another product suggestion. I would like to use the Surface Book Screen without the Keyboard to Display content in a presentation on Cisco IX / DX Video Conference units. The units only seem to have issue with the MS Wireless Display Adaptor,

Thank you


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I've never had a monitor or flat screen TV not work with the MSWDA. It is possible that Cisco's implementation of HCDP is older and unable to negotiate the connection with the adapter.


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Could be? No other device seems to have issues on the screens.
I don't have a Cisco Telepresence Device to test, one thing if you haven't already tried, plug the adapter into a generic HDMI Monitor connect and see if there is an updated Firmware for them and test again....


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I allways have problems with it connecting the first time so I bought the HDMI adapter also. It won't connect at all on non-MS devices.


so i just bought the MS wireless adapter and when connected it is a black screen for me as well. it is black both on the screen of sp3 and TV. I see the mouse on the screen though but the orientation is upside down...

any solutions yet? I upgraded all the things that need upgrading