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Multi-Monitor "Triple" setup

Eric Montgomery

New Member
Hi All.

I ran across a thread earlier that was discussing multiple monitor setups, but can't seem to find it again so I figured I'd report my results. I'm running the same "triple monitor" setup that I found in the other thread.

Monitor 1 on the Mini DisplayPort using an Apple adapter that I already had:

Monitor 2 is run off of the usb port using a StarTech SB 3.0 to DVI External Video Card Multi-Monitor Graphics Adapter.

This adapter has a single USB3.0 passthru on it that I plug a 3 Port USB Hub/SD Card reader into.

Monitor 3 is the Surface itself which I leave laying flat on the desktop (Portrait flipped setting) so that I can use it as a "pen & paper" notepad and put all of my handwritten notes and such right into OneNote.


My apologies if this is a duplication of a previous posting. Like I said, I was unable to find the original posting.
I hope your experience with displaylink is much better than mine. I found it to be too much of cpu hog and unstable. (Thinkpad USB3.0 Dock)
I just read an article that said displaylink will be slow unless you use an Aero desktop theme, because the standard themes don't use the gpu. The poster did say that once they enabled Aero, the performance was great.
I'm not noticing any real CPU hogging. Right now I've got Chrome (Monitor 1), Outlook (Monitor 2), and OneNote (Monitor 3) open along with a few various small programs and am clicking along beautifully with most of my CPU power in reserve. This is with the latest (8/19) firmware installed.