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MyMultitouch Gigantic 84-Inch 4k Resolution UHD Tablet; Angry Birds Goes Huge


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If you have a spare $43,000 dollars lying around and fancy gaming or browsing on the world's largest Ultra-High Definition 4K Resolution Tablet, then the MyMultitouch is for you. Check out Angry Birds in the video above on the most enormous and beautiful tablet display on the planet!

Interestingly, even though the device is shown using Android, it isn't confined to that OS. Would you like to throw Windows 8 on there too? This 32-point multitouch device has got you covered (literally if it falls on you). :)

Source: SlashGear


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But it's made by 3M isn't it? They have this film that we use for the glasses at our store, and strike it with a hammer it wont break! That would beat Gorilla Glass. He he. 3M also make carbon fibre films right? So they can always pimp this device!