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MYRIAD PRO - An excellent font for use on small screens ...


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Everyone knows that at 1920 x 1080 fonts on legacy apps (such as MS Access forms) can look impossibly small. However, if you zoom to 125% or 150% your forms may no longer fit on the screen. What to do?

After much trial and error I have found that the MYRIAD PRO FONT is quite readable on the Surface Pro at 125% zoom and 7 point size (small but clear). If you have been frustrated by this give that font a try.


If you are using Access and want some code that will replace your current font on all forms with Myriad Pro @ 7 points (just for examples sake) here it is. This will go through all forms in your database and change the font as desired. If you don't understand how this code works, you don't have enough experience to use it.

Function fChangeProperty()
On Error Resume Next

Dim frm As Object
Dim ctl As Control

For Each frm In CurrentProject.AllForms
DoCmd.OpenForm frm.Name, acDesign, , , acFormEdit
For Each ctl In Forms(frm.Name).Controls
Select Case ctl.ControlType
Case acLabel, acTextBox, acComboBox
Select Case True
Case ctl.FontName = "Your Current Font Name"
ctl.FontName = "Myriad Pro"
ctl.FontSize = 7
End Select
End Select
DoCmd.Close acForm, frm.Name, acSaveYes
End Function

Just place your cursor within this in your Visual Basic Editor and hit Fn + F5 and it will run. Of course, make a backup first in case you don't like it. I also recommend trying it manually on one form first to see if you like how it looks.

** You can use this code as a fast way to change any properties within your database. I have just set this up to change fonts.
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